-- Ania Bebb --

Ania's headshot. Ania has short blond hair. She is smiling. There is foliage in the background.

About this website

Every so often I write a larger piece about some tech thing. Not often, but enough to have a website people can come to visit. For years, I've been overwhelmed by the idea of trying to use one of the static site generators (eleventy, jekyll, hugo), but those appear to be aimed at blogs rather than long form pieces with style that differs from piece to piece. So, this website is hand-coded HTML. Sometimes going back to basics is the way to go.

About me

At the time of writing it's December 2021. The plague is still going strong. I miss being around people, I miss hanging out with my friends. Work keeps me busy and I'm grateful for my kind and considerate colleagues who have been helping me to grow professionally for the past two years. As many others, I try to keep afloat: jogging and cycling when I have the energy to do so; playing Animal Crossing New Horizons; doing arts and crafts; growing fruit and vegetables in our garden, and plants on our windowsills... Trying not to get overwhelmed by all the things going on in the world.

Articles and talks